Sunday, November 11, 2012

Romney Looses because he failed to have an Iphone App for his ground game

That is right it was not Black and White it was a Romney management failure to use the mobile gold standard Iphone or even a droid Iphone clone app for his 30,000 ground game people in the swing states that cost him the big margin losses in the swing states.

The the so called ":small government" Republicans gutted the local get out the vote efforts of local states and replaced it with a centralized untested big government type Republican crap app that was deployed at 6Am on election day and failed killing the Republican ground game and ending whatever chance Romney had of winning.

This is the untold story of the election Romney was not a capitalist business man that made products like Jobs of Apple of Gates of Microsoft. these men we makers Romney was a taker, a vulture who scavenged for weak company's to sneak up on and attack.

I had all kinds of Obama apps on my Iphone. So this Romney technology failure goes down in history to prove once and for all that our President was and is a better businessman then Romney ever thought of being.

If Republicans expect to ever be elected to national office in my life time they need to rethink their mission, their position and their technology.

  Inside Team Romney’s whale of an IT meltdown | Ars Technica:

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