Friday, November 09, 2012

Why Apple-Supplier Foxconn Should Open a Plant in the US?

 "A new report alleges that Foxconn, the Taiwanese tech manufacturer that builds parts for Apple iPads and iPhones, is eyeing the US. " Will Apple make this happen?

In the Presidential debates the question was raised. How do we get Apple to build some plants in the USA? Apple needs to make this happen. At least build the Iphone that AT&T gives you for free with a two year contract here in America. Use mostly automated plants and put them in silicon valley and in Detroit and the old steel mill towns where Americans need jobs and Apple needs workers. Our government can step up to the plate in the name of infrastructure investment and provide our citizens with job training and the states can step up and give tax breaks.

There are two reasons this makes sense beyond the obvious JOBS,  one is the Buy American call by the President, all Americans need to get on board with this including Apple. Secondly, I ordered an Iphone 5 in October and will probably not get it until December. This type of product backlog in the US is unacceptable.  If apple had more control of the manufacturing process (US Plants) this would not happen.

Google is also an American company and they have brought an American phone manufacturer that need to convert to making effective Inter-personal computers - IPC's ("smartphones"). Suppose the Google phone was made in America and the Apple Phone was not? How would that change the market.

I am a die hard apple customer. I had an Iphone before there was an Iphone but it would make me think, as I am also a patriot.  

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