Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nujoma of Namibia on African Land

President Sam Nujoma is interviewed by a rude European about Zimbabwa and his Country Namibia. This is a good example of a Culturally Poisoned European and a Culturally Healthy African.

How is it that the richest continent in the world has the  poorest populations in the world.  The answer is  obviously  simple,  European attack, invasion and occupation for the purpose of land and resource theft. While European occupation has been officially ended the results of World War Zero are still wide spread on the continent. The problems of Cultural Poisoning and European control of stolen land remains a Maat challenge for the continent.

This audio  clip of  Nujoma  is a good indication that Cultural Health is on the rise in the mother land. The new leadership as you will heal in this clip are no longer permitting the old Western Cultural Poisoning. They effectively knock it down as soon as it is raised.  The great nations of Namibia and Zimbabwa  are  the front lines of the battle to restore African land and resources to its indigenous people.

If you want to learn about Africa ask an African. Listen for the symptoms of Cultural Poisoning and Cultural Health. This is a very good training audio for those Cultural Soldiers who want to fine tune their racedar and/or for individuals that have been infected by Cultural Poisoning and need the antidote.

Pay Close Attention

The takeaway message during Black History Month is to understand that countries of the Global South that are trying to restore their national integrity are being attacked by the West. The modern attacks take the form of siege, Europeans call it economic embargo.  Make  no mistake about  the spinning words.  Just like the siege  against a  castle is designed to starve the men, woman and  children inside. The modern day "economic imbargo" against Cuba, Venisualia, Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe, etc. have the same purpose.

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Mel said...

As African's, we ought to be very careful of pulling ourselves into the darkness of being victims and intellectual conformity. Our land and resources are a ticket to get us out of this miserable and humiliating situation, but that doesn't mean we have to rebuke the evil west by allowing few individuals to destroy our economic prospects for the mere fact that they are vocal about their hatred towards the West. It is pure nonsense to watch our neighbours despair and like sheep, still blame colonilization.

Most of Africa got freedom 40 years ago, the standard of living was comparable to the likes of South Korea. Still, we as Africans ourselves are not doing anything wrong?!?

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