Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Next Leader Should have Good Judgment

I am fired UP and Ready to go. But before I go I want to have
Confidence that I am going in the right direction. How good is
Obama's judgement - Lets go to the video tape-

I am impressed by Obama's judgment and even more
Impressed by his actions.

Clinton has sponsored 20 bills and Obama sponsored 820 Bills. If this
is part of the public record how come no one is taking about this
difference. Obama should use his record in the next debate.

To see my Newsvine article on Obama vs Hilary experience Click Here

Obama has ten years experience in public office, more than Hillary
Clinton (six-plus years as Senator from New York) . Barack's first
eight years spent in the Illinois senate before his two years (and
counting) of service in the U.S. Senate, should not be forgotten.

For more on his experience go to Obamapedia

1 comment:

Shelia said...

Hi Aunk,

Hillary always fails to mention in her "34 years of experience" that 8 of those are on the arm of her cheatin' husband. She attempts to act as if she was the person in office. She was "attending" a lot of the things she claims, not a part of.

When Hillary talked about being able to take a punch at the end, I had to laugh, because the trial that she's talking about, being cheated on in front of the American public, is the trial of half of the women of America. Surviving being cheated on is no feat, it's a part of American culture.

Have a great weekend!

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