Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's Victory Speech in Houston

After his win in the Wisconsin primary, Senator Barack Obama spoke
before a crowd of 19,000 in Houston Texas... Watch the video of his

What is most interesting is I have heard much of his speech before
but he has upgraded it and it has new elements that make it even
More relevant  and powerful.  Most notable to me is his emphises on
Preventive care that I had not heard before. Listen to his call for an
emphasis on preventive care so we are providing a Health care system and not just a disease care system.

I am up late watching CNN and the election results. It occurs to me that the one analysis I have not heard about the election here in the United States of America is an Astrological one. So let me make history in this primary. I don't know much about astrology however, We are moving out of the age of Pisces (Astrological fish sign). We are hearing the last gasps of the Taliban Christian right ("the people of the fish"). We are now moving into the age of Aquarius, the age of change. It is remarkable that I am watching a very different American Presidential hopeful who's slogan is Change. I must admit, CHANGE is a more politically palatable slogan then the age of Aquarius. It is interesting how ancient tools can be useful in the present. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Like yourself, I like this speech very much as well. Sometimes you have to pay close attention to the finelines--the little things--that mean so much. Obama offers a long list of why change is desperately need in America: health care, the economy, the war in Iraq, education, and foreign relations..... Then he challenges the nation to make an intelligent decision and adds, "the entire world is watching." Those five words reverberated in my mind for the remainder of the week. The Whole World is Watching--in other words, this is the proving ground. I need not say anymore--you. understand where I am coming from.

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