Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poll: President Says Health Care is on the 2009 Front Burner

President Obama in his historic speech to a joint session of congress and the American people said that investment in Green jobs, Health care for all and education are the investment priorities going forward.

After addressing the economy and his plans for it in the way of the recently passed recovery and investment act and the coming fixing of the Bush broken banks issues, the president turned to the three legs of his investment plan.

Of the three, Universal “Health” care (UHC) is the investment I am most interested in. There was some speculation that it might be off the table. So I was overjoyed to here that not only is it on the table, but on the table for 2009. Even more uplifting was when I thought the President was talking to me personally – expanded health care for soldiers and our Vet’s”.

I feel good today and I am looking for those rubber bands to help me keep my sleeves rolled up. Where do you stand on UHC?

I want to see all Americans get the same health care plan that we give our congress persons.

Yes - single payer
Yes - non-single payer
No to UHC
Other Explain

Now is the time for you to start thinking of what you want in the way of health care for yourself and your fellows. We can look at the best practices of UHC nations and create the best “health” care system on the planet.

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