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Micheal Steele and Republican Cultural Poisoning

Micheal Steele the new head of the GOP is an example of Republican Cultural Poisoning. The bigger question is, will he heal or divide the Republican Party as its new African American head.

Michael Steele outlines conservative ideas in Civitas speech

Now that Bush is dead there has been much speculation as to who is in charge of the Republican Party. McCain/Palin, Rush Limbaugh or Joe the Plumber. Answer, Non of the Above, it is a Black guy named Steele. No, really, I'm not kidding.

In January of 2009 Micheal Steele was elected the first African American chairman of the Republican National Committee. It is remarkable that I have seen very little about this development in the MSM news.

The question is what does this development mean, has the Republican party changed its spots? Will this split the African American vote in the Democratic party in the future and give Republicans an edge?

Let me give you my opinion from a Cultural Health point of view. I do not believe Steele will change the political landscape by even one vote one way or the other. Look at the recent Zero Republican vote against American Job creation. He is a Republican and therefore the best that can be expected is business as usual.

Now regarding his effect on the African American community. Most AA's don't know Steele but they will soon. The AA's who know him know that he has a history of exhibiting symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. His recent Republican Values Civitas speech is a prime example.

Michael Steele said: “…Conservatives (including himself) believe in the ideal of a color blind society so each man or woman is treated as an individual and not as a member of some hyphenated class or group.

Anyone with their racedar on detected two major symptoms of Cultural Poisoning in Steele's conservative ideal, "Color Blind" and "Hyphenated Group". These are two well known doublespeak phrases typically used by non African Americans in the perpetuation of Cultural Poisoning.

Cultural Literacy Minute: African Americans have no interests in seeing other Americans all of a sudden go blind. There is enough psychosocial dis-ease in America we don't need to add a new illness.

Steele's use of the phrase hyphenated American is a direct insult to his ethnic group and a demonstration of his Cultural Illiteracy.

While the AA community my not use the Cultural Health technical terminology Cultural Poisoning and/or Cultural Traitor The famous Steele Oreo cookie incident (2002 gubernatorial debate) is a demonstration that they have detected Steels Cultural Orientation with sufficient accuracy.

Now to the bigger question for the Republicans. Will Steele heal or divide the Republican Party as its new African American head.

Will Steele bring "Change" to the Republican party? First let me say I seem to have heard that word CHANGE somewhere before. The only new idea I have heard from Steele is the slogan "Drill Baby Drill" picked up by McCain/Palin. The real problem for the Republicans is that the Taliban wing of their party are never going to be lead by a Black person. You remember the Palin mobs hollering "kill him". These type of extreme David Duke anti-humanists have told the press plainly what they think.

The Republicans seem to have degenerated into a sort of old time southern regional party. Where will the hard core go? Not to the Democrats, will they defect to the Libertarian party?

Is politics getting crazy or is it me? What do you think is going to happen with Steele, will he last a year?

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