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Poll: ARI – Will Senate Republicans Vote Party or People

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House Republicans voted against The American Recovery and Investment (ARI) bill. The question this week is how will the Republicans in the Senate vote? Will they be a bipartisan vote for the people or a party vote?

Most Americans agree Bush and the Republicans drove the economy into its present depression ditch (A.k.a recession). Most agree that Stimulus is needed. The question is what does stimulus mean? Broad answer is stimulus is not just jobs. You can, and we will, measure stimulus success by the jobs created over time with new tools like The Stimulus America needs is in three parts, Short term jobs (shovel ready), mid tem jobs (1-2 years out) and future investment. Some have said take all elements that do not produce instant jobs out, wrong. This three part approach is the moral high ground that America must stand on.

The Obama-Limbaugh stimulus

I would like to see a bullet list of the major elements of the ARI Bill and what the Republicans are for and against. For instance, I support the automated “health” record in the ARI. Do the Republicans? Do you? I would like to see people go on the record as to what they are for and what they are against.

Rush Limbaugh has told the Republicans to fight the people. He has told his fellow Republicans to stop the bill at any cost.

Are you for the Democratic three part plan or the Limbaugh one part plan? How will the Republicans vote? Will the vote take place next week, two weeks, when?
Will Senate Republicans vote for their party and against the American people like the house? I think a Republican is a Republican they line up and will not change their spots depending on what house they are in. They have become the party of mono-thought there are no individuals left that risk standing out.

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