Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mass March on the POST at High Noon

Last night Rev.Al Sharpton call for my neighbors to march in protest on The New York Post at high noon. The Governor and other public officials have weighed in on the "race" cartoon code that has offended the African American community and people of good will.

The Post is the "News" disgrace of my home town. I have not bought the paper in 30 years. The post as been identified a the most racist big paper in America by African American leaders and organizations. This is just another example.

Readers might be surprised to know that we ran this paper in to bankruptcy years ago because of their Cultural Poisoning. An African American brought the paper and fired the raciest reporters and they refused to be fired by a Black man and came to work any way. When you are talking the Post you are talking long time hard core enemies of African Americans.

CEMOTAP (Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive To Afrikan People. has tagged them as such and has been boycotting them for years. Dr. J, Dr. Ben and virtually every cultural soldier I know has condemned the NY Post. Rupert Murdoch is one of the most dangerous cultural terrorist in the world, this latest incident at his Post uncovers to more people he and his organization's cultural orientation.

The question is what should be done about it. This is America and there is free speech. If you are a person of good will and you buy the paper stop like I did. Reduce or don't use myspace go to facebook. Hit the owner in his pocket book.

2/20/09 Update: A first for the New York Post, up until now thought to be impossible, something I never expected to see in my life time, the Post "apologized" for offending African Americans. After hundreds marched, thousands clogged their phones, hundreds of thousands of bloggers fired up the blogOshere and millions commented the Post cried uncle. In the new era of responsibility pressure has and effect. Details Click Here

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