Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Judge Says Black Voting is Unconstitutional

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The United States Supreme Court on Monday in effect upheld the Voting Rights Act that was enacted to enable African Americans to actually vote in Southern America. The lone Republican African American dissenter Clarence Thomas said, in effect, Black Voting is unconstitutional.

There was speculation in the African American community that the extremist right wing Republican stacked Supreme Court would strike down the Voting Rights Act and its protection against Southern racists interfering with an African Americans right to vote.

This is the Court that stood by while Bush and their forty thieves prevented three million African American and Latino American voters from voting and appointed Bush to the White House. Obviously, the history of this court was not encouraging to my community.

The court deserves credit for their relatively positive 8-1 vote not to attack the Act. But what about that one vote?

In case you don't know Judge Thomas, he is that cruel joke that the Republican President Regan played on America's EEOC and the Supreme Court. He is a Cultural Traitor of the highest order, from his infamous dealing with African American (AA)job protection during his time at the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC), to his behavior with AA woman (Anita Hill) and now his disgraceful track record on the Nation's highest court.

This is just one more nail in the cultural coffin of Mr. Thomas.

The good news is, that almost every AA alive today would know this enemy of our community on sight. He is unwelcome anywhere Culturally Healthy people I know of in the community gather. The bad news is, that he is appointed for life and his Cultural Poisoning dis-ease will probably be with him for life.

P.S. have you ever met Mr. Thomas' ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen who says he was a drunk and a pervert. Is it me, or do Republicans know just what type of AA's to use as shills.
Does anyone have the antidote for this AA?

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