Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Cop Attacks Black Ambulance Personnel

You have to see the Video to believe the willful disrespect for the life and health of African Americans. If your mother is in an Ambulance you better be in there with her with a video camera.

The cop choking the African American should be fined a minimum of fifty thousand dollars, fired and barred from working with the public for life. All these cops should be disciplined and their record with the African American community investigated for patterns and practices unbecoming a police officer.

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The officer who calmed the out of control cop down may deserve a medal. However, he should be disciplined for not arresting the criminal cop on the spot. The district attorney should be fired and disbarred for not bringing charges and the head of the state police should be relieved for allowing this criminally insane cop to remain a threat to the health and welfare of the good citizens of his jurisdiction.

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