Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have a Happy and Culturally Healthy Fathers Day

On this father's day we must remember Neda of Iran and her father and mother. Bless them and send them loving energy.

The spin no longer works in America, in South America or Iran. We are standing here in CyberSpace and the truth can not be buried. The people are standing up. Bush and the Taliban Republicans of the 2000 election and extreme right wing everywhere have taught the world a lesson.

So today I am reflecting on what it means to be a culturally literate father? I am also thinking of Neda of Iran and what it would mean if I lost my daughter to a Bush or an Ayatollah Humani.

A fellow columnist on Newsvine synthesis pointed me to the Neda story and like him I can not bring myself to link to the video. If you are a father and your children are still on this plane you are lucky indeed, it is not so for all.

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Shelia said...

Happy Father's Day Aunk!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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