Sunday, December 06, 2009

Aunk SideWike on Newsvine, and Cultural Health Commentary

Newsvine continues to be the people's New York Times of CyberSpace. One of the neat features of Vine columns is the fact that you can not just read the columnist's articles and feeds but you can follow the person's "Latest Comments" on other topics around the Vine.

Latest comments is a great way to get to know the thinking of someone in CyberSpace that you don't know. Cultural Orientation is visible in a persons words. And If I find a like mind, it following it usually improves my spirits Cultural Health.

I will be using Google Side wiki to take my Cultural Commentary on the CyberRoad. I hope you will join GSW and join me in my new travels.

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Note to GSW: Learn from the Vine and add three things to my Google profile.
1. Latest Comments (from my GSwiki)
2. Recent Votes
3. Comments & Feedback (from GSW users)

in reference to: - Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy) (view on Google Sidewiki)

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