Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Cultural Progress or Cultural Poisoning

"Take your name off your phone" the video remix, has gone viral. Tiger is now as well known as O.J. Simpson was, are there any parallels? (Video)

Now that you have had a good laugh, you know Golf is not exactly a Hip Hop Subject. This is an example of the fact that even people who know nothing about Golf will be telling Tiger Woods jokes for years. All sports Hero's are not necessary good cultural charterer models. In this unfortunate circumstance there is a Cultural Health opportunity. What is the state of relationships in America in general and in the African American community in particular.

Before you answer, as a matter of modern Cultural Literacy, you should understand that while Tiger and O.J. Simpson have something in common, they are not the only ones. Hit this link and tell me what you think.

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Aunk said...
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Anonymous said...

Golfer Tiger Woods says he's not black. What does this mean?

Inspector Clouseau said...

As sad as the whole Tiger Woods situation is, perhaps it might prompt us to re-evaluate the institution of marriage, and whether it is still a viable institution. Assuming, for purposes of argument, that there is no biological component associated with cheating, then simply examining the conduct of golfer Woods, Albert Einstein, Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. John Ensign, inventor Henry Ford, Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Clinton, would strongly suggest that many do not respect the institution as presently constituted or evolved.

The frequency with which infidelity occurs suggests a systemic problem. Society might consider starting a discussion about a modified or different institution to serve the functions previously served by marriage.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Inspector Clouseau, very interesting set of thoughts. I visited your link, nice blog, and your exploration of this topic raises the question of time line adjustments for relationships. Do we need to update our views on the subject.

I raised the question in a slightly diffrent way in my Book DoubleSpeak in Black and White

We have a 90% divorce rate in America. On the continent of Africa at the time of my book there was a 90% marriage success rate. So another way to view this question is, what can we learn from other cultures and history that can help us improve our relationship success rates.

So you have a point, tiger gate does provide a cultural opportunity to look at relationships from and inter and intra-cultural perspective and potentially reevaluate.

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