Monday, December 28, 2009

Health Care Reform InfoGraphic

This is a must see for anyone interested in Health Care Reform. I will link to it over and over as the bill goes to reconciliation and the President's desk.

Not much reading just follow the pictures. Even the folks from the million moron march (tea baggers) can follow this one.

Click Here for the Rest of the InfoGraphic

The bill passed and is now law
Below is the most practical and useful InfoGraphic I have run across for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

What does the health-care law mean to me?: This helpful infographic from the Washington Post is pretty low key. It doesn’t have bright colors, but it is interactive and very easy to use. Put in your current health insurance situation, your household size, your adjusted gross income and your marital status. Off to the side, you will see exactly what you can expect from health care reform, including whether or not you will see additional taxes as a result of the passage of this new health insurance law. Click Here

Here are 17 other InfoGraphics explaining ACA (Health Care Reform).
Speaking of your health, don't go and OD on Health InfoGraphics. Everything in moderation, :-)

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