Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Black Jesus Nativity Scene Angers 'White Christmas' Party

This gets the Christmas/Kwanzaa discussion of to a rousing start. Oh, we are going to have much Cultural Health fun this holiday season.

Black Jesus Nativity Scene
Not the scene from the actual story, Click Here for full story

This is a comment I read regarding this story:

That is what happens when Caucasian,Anglo and Europeans paint their version of Christ in "their" image!..not the image of a Jesus born in a dark skinned region.

This is my Cultural Commentary on the story.

Interesting point, the doublespeak concept of a "Middle East" had not been invented yet and all of Ethiopia, including far North Africa, as the Greeks called it, had a majority population of traditional Africans, not the multi-ethnic Arab invaders of today.

I is remarkable that here in "A Merry Ca" many of my fellow Americans run around fat, dumb and happy oblivious to historicity.

We see pictures from Iraq in that region and the broadcasters tell us that it is 110 degrees in the shade, yet we still put nativity scenes in our houses of worship with snow falling on Jesus. Come on folks, we don't need history here a little geography would serve the thinking persons reality check very well.

I won't even bring up Jesus's description in the Bible, or the coin in the British museum with a picture of Justinian on one side and Jesus on the other. Jesus's ethnicity historically is less of a mystery then many would have us believe.

However, this is the holiday season and we must get ready once again for the onslaught of Culturally Poisened holiday movies, like Moses and the 10 commandments that will misrepresent the majority population and spiritual traditions of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

How should you think about this? You should start by asking yourself, what do I really know about this time in recorded history? Then ask some questions.

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