Friday, January 01, 2010

The Obama Kwanzaa Series Day 7 of 7 2009

In the Obama Kwanzaa Series we have been comparing Obama's principles and performance, especially his first year in office, to each of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. The question today is does Obama demonstrate and/or merit the traditional faith of the ancestors?

Call: Habari Gani
Response: _________?

7. IMANI (Faith) [ee-MAH-nee]

To believe with all our hart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

In Classical African times the people had faith in their leaders the Kings and Queens of Kemet (called pharaohs by the Greeks). Most of the leaders were fully developed individuals living in the service of their people and building the first great multi-ethnic society in recorded history. The great monuments and instructional tools of Classical African Civilization, shine to this day, proclaiming the victory of their struggle. But the King did not do this by him or herself the people helped. The people built the great African pyramids with the King as the greatest public works project in recorded history.

Now we are in a new time, where the Sleeping Giants sat on a wall, and the Sleeping Giants had a great fall, and all the King’s horses and all the kings’ men, even with community organizers, had difficulty putting our community back together again.

There are children who have had faith in Obama as a parent, there are students that have had faith in Obama as a professor of law and his leadership as a politician is already legendary. He had faith in the American people when we and many in the world had lost faith. I humbly submit to you, that Obama’s "Yes We Can" mission of hope is Kwanzaa's IMANI in modern practice. Imani's brings with it a special community wide positive energy and we must keep that energy moving all year, especially, this year, if we are going to get our down payment on Health Care for All passed by the end of February.

We had faith in Obama and he has done his job during his first year in office. It is now time for us to do ours.

I have faith that the community organizers, with our help, will deliver “Health” Care Reform - version 1 - in 2010

Obama's first years performance as President confirms the fact that he is a good new wave example of the ancient First Fruits Festival principle of IMANI. Our ancesters from Ausar, Heru and Auset to Garvy, King and fanny lu hamer are proud of the President's first year efforts.

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