Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Was The N-Word Week In Politics

N-Word ALERT: The week started with the Republican type President of the Tea Party caught using the N-Word, then moved to the Census Form and Ended with the Democratic leader of the Senate caught using the N-Word.

In case you were culturally asleep this week, or had something better to do. Here is a three part sample of what the reporting and conversation was like regarding these symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. Also see my cultural commentary following each major story link.

1. Tea Party President caught using the N-Word in public Click Here

If you have your RaceDar on you know who these people are and you are familiar with their code words. They have repeatedly demonstrated symptoms of Cultural Poisoning, often rising to the level of overt racism in the past and they most likely will be caught again. Tea Bagger code words 101, if you hear anything about the "Obama" government, will "enslave" you, or the N-word from these folks or their friends and apologists your RaceDar should go from low and peg at near 100%

2. Census Bureau caught using the N-Word Click Here

This bureau has been historically culturally confused and a consistent spreader of Cultural Poisoning regarding the misuse of the term "race". However, this is a new low, even for them.

New Census Form Choice: Black, African American or "Negro"

In the 21st century to regressively add "Negro" to this form is and outrage and a direct insult to every Culturally Literate African American. I think there must be some Bush undead or Tea Party folks infesting the census bureau. They should be hunted down and fired.

Cultural literacy Minute 1: There is one race the human race and many ethnic groups.

Cultural Literacy Minute 2: "Negro" and all its culturally poisoned variations, as used in the United States, is a term invented by racist for the purpose of perpetrating racism.

3. Democratic Senate Leader caught using the N-Word Click Here

I am a Democrat and I have never said there is no Cultural Poisoning in the Democratic Party. Before the 1960's the Dems were the Party of Cultural Poisoning and overt racism with Dixiecrat's leading the pack. However, that is not the case today, with some exceptions.

This is what I said about it in comment #35

Hetep and Respect Folks, this must be the N-Word Week. So there is Cultural Poisoning in the Democratic Party, never said there wasn't, this is America.

The difference is Reid apologized immediately when exposed and directly to the offended party and the apology was excepted, end of story. Compare that to the N-Word President of the Tea Baggers, who is still dancing. Or the Republican Anti-humanists at Fox News who don't even bother with that apology crap.

Hay, if Reid helps us turn the corner on Health Care Reform, he will go down in history as one of the most effective leaders of the Senate in history. I will shake his hand and help him get reelected.

What is important to learn here, from a Cultural Literacy perspective, is that not all symptoms of Cultural Poisoning rise to the level of racism. A working RaceDar can help you make this distinction. Keep yours tuned up, if it is broke fix it and if you don't' have one, get one.

This has been an odd week for a strange and troubling set of words that still plagues the Cultural Health of the Nation. The Cultural Terrorists are hard at work, listen for them, they are easy to spot if you are paying close attention.

The question for you is? How is your Cultural Health? Are you adding to the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning or helping to put people at ease?

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