Saturday, January 02, 2010

Republican Party 8 Points Away From 0% Approval Rating

The Republican party just can't seem to catch a break. Chicago not getting the Olympics is the only victory the poor Republicans have had in quite a while and they couldn't even celebrate that lone score without coming across looking like they were cheering against America. And then just a week after their celebration of our country losing the Olympics and that action 'signifying that the world was rejecting Obama' those damn Norwegians have to go and give him the Nobel peace prize."

Cultural Commentary:
Any Party that can not capture the imagination of America's youth will suffer greater losses in time. Repubs had less then 5% of the African American vote. Now another American demographic is running more then 90% against them. This is not a formula for success in Health Care Reform, or 2012. Let's get Health Care Reform done. Youth get on those smart phones and hit the congress.

For full story and the numbers, click the link and tell me what you think. The party of fail.

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