Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mass Race-Who Wins- Dems or Repubs

Is it possible, that Ted Kennedy’s hard core Democratic state of Massachusetts, could elect a Republican? Step to the plate and go on the record before the election. How do you bet?

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Ted Kennedy's life work was focused on getting health care reform passed. Just as this great deed is about to happen, could the Massachusetts people, elect a Republican, that is against everything that the great Kennedy name stands for? Or, is it just Republican Tea Party hype?

Personally, I don't think such an upset is possible. As long as I can remember, Mass has been a working class Democratic state. Working class people need health care, without Insurance Company "preexisting condition" dirty tricks. It's a no brainer, right.

However, as Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday approaches, I also remember, that when Dr. King brought the Civil Rights Battle North in the 1960's, he was shocked. He said, he ran into some of the most hateful "race" crowds he had ever seen in Mass. I remember the pictures, they made to South look like Boy Scouts. Have the Tea Party gang tapped something the main stream media has missed?

I hope not, but now it is time to go on the record. Who will win in Mass on Tuesday Jan 16th in the Special Election?

Democrat Martha Coakley or Republican Scott Brown.

See you back here after the election, to see who was right.

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