Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woman's History Month - Life in Ancient Times

In Classical African Civilization,Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) the feminine principle and its roles, rights and place in the cosmos was well understood and mapped out. The Kemetic Woman's rights exceeded that of most of the nation's that followed her in ancient history. (Video)

Black history Month was in February and Woman's history month is in March. This seems fitting in the new multi-ethnic, multi-genda, power sharing America of the twenty first century. In the interest of Cultural Health, use this opportunity to improve your cultural literacy regarding the position and treatment of women in the context of the three major worldviews, Central (African,) Eastern (Asian) and Western (Caucasian).

Let's start with the one I am most familiar with.

The following video will introduce you to some of the Values Interests and Principles (VIP's) attendant to the Central Worldview (African) as manifested in KAmetic Cosmologics and the social life of the Kametic woman.

Thank you  Queen Mother Marera Kwesi for shedding light through your video presentation from the Mother Land. Now some in the AA community might take technical issue with this presentation in some respects however, most would support the fact that the presentation gives a good account of feminine principles in Kemet. What is important to note is the mode of thinking associated with this worldview. We don't say father land as in the Western worldview we say Mother land. This is an example of a fundamental difference in the cosmologics of the two worldviews. Having said that, you should not confuse the matrilineal with matriarchy. The neters of mother nature in kemet from Auset and Het Heru to Ma'at' and Sekerk, the feminine principle embodied in woman played critical interdependent roles in kemetic life. 

While we all see the same things in nature (ntr), we and our ethnic groups do not all come to the same conclusions about what we see. It is a working understanding about these different conclusions that is referred too as Cultural Literacy.

This month is a good time to do serious research and/or thinking about the role of women in your ethnic group with its VIP's. What is the role of women in the ethnic groups you interact with? If you have ever been on the ground in retail, selling big ticket items like Washers and Dryers or big screen TV's, you have come to understand that women and the family play very different roles in the decision process of buying these items. As a practical matter, you come to learn quickly, that as a Sales person, your pay is dependent on your Cultural Literacy, as errors can be fatal to the sale.

I will close with a question. In writing pieces on Black history month (BHM), from time to time I run into a reader who asks, why have BHM. They imply that BHM is unnecessary, the next thing you know we will have woman's history month, Irish History month, etc.

For myself, from a Cultural Literacy point of view, I would welcome such months to learn about my fellow Americans in this multi-ethnic Nation. My Question is, who is against Woman's History month?

P.S. Do not tell me, if you have not first told your wife.

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bard said...

it's sad that we need to have a 'women's history month'.

our world will become more compassionate and balanced when the feminine principle comes to the fore again.

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