Friday, April 16, 2010

Confederate History Month - "Heritage Not Hate" My Ass.

"Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, reviving a controversy that had been dormant for eight years, has declared that April will be Confederate History Month in Virginia, a move that angered civil rights leaders Tuesday but that political observers said would strengthen his position with his conservative base.'"

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From a Cultural Literacy perspective it is interesting to note that the Republican governor left out the parts about the Confederate enslavement of human beings, by "Accident". If there are still Americans wondering why you can count African American Republicans on one hand, McDonnell just reminded us. Talk about Cultural ani-humanists, McDonnell gets the Cultural Poisoning award for the month.

To improve our Cultural Literacy regarding the hart of the confederacy every American should read this Slavery was at the heart of the Confederacy

The God of History bounds the Confederacy in its own chains. From the declaration off secession in Texas... this free government *all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights* [emphasis in the original]; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations; while the destruction of the existing relations between the two races, as advocated by our sectional enemies, would bring inevitable calamities upon both and desolation upon the fifteen slave-holding states....

To Virginia...


Carloz said...

Republican governor McDonnell, as well as Barbour of Mississippi (former RNC Chair and possible GOP Presidential candidate) knew exactly what they were doing.

daMamma said...

Fascinating, educational, interesting read. Thanks!

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