Friday, May 13, 2011

Common Performs American Poetry at the White House

Now that Republicans don't understand that common sense is not common is understandable. Let's go to the actual performance, tell me what you think.(Video)

Let's go to the video tape

So Republicans, tell me again, what was in that common sense piece at the White House that you objected to?

Cultural Literacy Minute: I know, no one told you that his original performing name was common sense, now shorted by those that know to common. This is a common practice in the AA community and common sense in the poetry community at large.

And Republicans wonder why they can not get the young or educated vote, for lack of common sense I say.

By the way, there is good that comes out of this misguided controversy regarding the lack of common sense, you have reintroduced me to him and it, thank you citizen. After eight years of Bush and the forty thieves it is good to see common sense in the White House.

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