Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Name List of Republicans Who Voted to Kill Medicare

Get your Republican Medicare Killers list here. 299 Republicans have voted to kill my Medicare, and in doing so have voted to kill their political careers. 40 Republican U.S. Senators Voted to Kill Medicare here is a list of their names and what to do about it. (Video)

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Did you notice the Republican town hall meeting. Still no AA's or Latino Americans or Asian Americans in the room. But one thing has changed they are now mad as hell that Republicans, that they voted for to help them,  are attacking them personally and their ability to live in elderhood with dignity. Welcome to TeamAmerica Republicans of good will. We need all the votes we can get.

The next group that you will see pissed off at these Medicare Killer Republicans are the children of the elders in these town hall meetings. What do you think I am telling my children and grand children about Medicare Killers?

299 Republicans Voted to Kill Medicare

We don't need to list house Republicans. The action needed in 2012 is, just vote out all Medicare Killing Republicans. If your state has a Medicare killing representative or is in the party with the Medicare killers vote them out.

House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) budget plan, just so there is no lack of clarity does two things that all citizens should understand

1. Kills Medicare as we know it

2. Give our tax money to corporations and millionaires and billionaires.

Republicans have voted against health care for the elderly, children and the poor. They have touched the Medicare third rail and nature must now take its course.

The Name List of Republicans who voted to kill Medicare/SS

Remember when Bush and the forty thieves tried to put Social Security for elders in the Wall Street gambling house just before the Nation went bankrupt on his watch. These are the Bush on dead. These are the same Medicare/SS Hit men that must be turned out of office.

Lamar Alexander, TN
Kelly Ayotte, NH
*John Barrasso, WY
Roy Blunt, MO
John Boozman, AK
Richard Burr, NC
Saxby Chambliss, GA
Dan Coats, IN
Tom Coburn, OK
Thad Cochran, MS
*Bob Corker, TN
John Cornyn, TX
Mike Crapo, ID
Jim DeMint, SC
Mike Enzi, WY
Lindsey Graham, SC
Chuck Grassley, IA
*Orrin Hatch, UT
*Dean Heller, NV
John Hoeven, ND
Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX
Jim Inhofe, OK
Johnny Isakson, GA
Mike Johanns, NE
Ron Johnson, WI
Mark Kirk, IL
*Jon Kyl, AZ
Mike Lee, UT
*Richard Lugar, IN
John McCain, R-AZ
Mitch McConnell, KY
Jerry Moran, KS
Rob Portman, OH
Jim Risch, ID
Pat Roberts, KS
Marco Rubio, FL
Jeff Sessions, AL
Richard Shelby, AL
John Thune, SD
Pat Toomey, PA
Roger Wicker, MS

* Up for reelection in 2012 The rest come up in 2014, Remember the Medicare Killers.

Update: Added John, Anti-Vitamin, McCain
Rand Paul (R-KY) voted against it because it wasn’t radical enough.

Elect "NO" Republican for 100 Years, starting in 2012!

Elders and your children stand and fight, In 2012 I will vote straight democratic line what will you do.

Note: The young American in the Video seems to be missing two of his front teeth. We must get Dental Care added to the Affordable Care Act in this President's second term. 

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