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The Three Stories of Memorial Day - An AA view

As the U.S. Civil War came to a close in April 1865, Union troops entered the city of Charleston, S.C., where four years prior the war had begun. While white residents had largely fled the city, Black residents of Charleston remained to celebrate and welcome the troops, who included the TwentyFirst Colored Infantry. Their celebration on May 1, 1865, the first “Decoration Day,” later became Memorial Day.
May 1 1865 will be the first words out of my mouth today, first to my mate and children, then to everyone I meet. I will alert them to the Cultural Health opportunity in the memorial day holiday for Americans of good will.

As you know in the pursuit of improving our nation's Cultural Health I emphasize the use of American holiday's as major Cultural Health opportunities, for the nation's short attention span is more focused during theses times and emotions are high. For that reason these are important times to identify major elements of Cultural Poisoning and provide family, friends and readers with the antidote, should they decide to accept the holiday cultural health mission.
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Thank your for your article Radio Free America
As a soldier in my time (Vietnam) and my father before me in his time (WWII). Memorial day is a serious holiday. Your MSNBC/Newsvine article has improved my Cultural Literacy today in a manor that will enable me to add a substantial antidote to what I historically do on this day.
On Thanksgiving I run the head line of "The TWO Stories of Thanksgiving. This year the Cultural Health Headline that comes to mind is "The Three Stories of Memorial Day". An so here it is I turned my comment into this commentary on my blog. 
!. The Emancipation Story - AA life and death battle against Cultural Terrorism
2. The Reconciliationist Story - honoring the dead on both sides, reunification.
3. The White Supremacist Story - Pro enslavement, anti- human rights for all
Yes, Historian David Blight in his Race and Reunion, does America a great favor in helping to restore her Cultural Literacy about this tuning point in multi-ethnic America's FORWARD moving history. So it is with great interest that Americans of good will should note the BACKWARD Republican presidential campain of Mitt, vulture capitalist, Romney in the context of Memorial Day.
As the great American Malcolm would say, we must open our eyes to the reality that the sons and daughters of the nineteenth century's unholy alliance of criminal capitalist and White Supremacists still walk among us carrying and spreading the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning for the same reasons of old.
Why it was just two short weeks ago that a swimming buddy that had not been at the club in some time as he had lost his job in the Bush depression had  found a job and was back swimming with us. After the swim, in the locker room there was a heated political discussion, This now admitted Republican blurted out that he would like to see things go back to 1879. In my best President Obama demeanor I advised him that AA's would not see a benefit in going back to 1879. One of our mutual EA friends who was following our discussion leaned over to me and said, man, this is going to be a hell of a political season in the locker room, I agreed, lol.
So this Memorial day is a good time to retell the story of the original "Memorial" Day, Declaration Day and the ongoing battle over the memory of the civil war. Yes, in light of Tea Party extremist Republicans who want to re-fight the civil war there is a pressing need to shed light on this particular element of Cultural Poisoning as the White Washing of America's internal war is causing many low information voters in the old dirty south to again engage in Jim Crow voter suppression. This criminal disguised poll tax/test criminal  behavior by elected Republicans second only to treason.
So, yes, we have much work to to this memorial day, roll up those cultural soldier sleeves and lets get busy.
P.S. Don't forget the estimated 100 million fallen of World War Zero (WW0) c. 1500 B.C.E. to Present. While the battle of WW0 runs hot and cold, to be effective we must know which, battle we are in and the why big picture. 
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