Monday, May 07, 2012

Obama Kicks Off Campaign and Kicks Romney Butt in Ohio and Virginia

In the swing states of Ohio and Virginia the President kicks off the Democratic progressive campaign with a bang in front of massive crowds. Here is a short 2 minute video to give you a flavor of the American peoples energy. But you really want to see the two videos I link to here to understand  the big picture.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Did you notice the FORWARD 2012 mission statement, It automatically leaves the Republicans with the BACKWARDS mission statement, brilliant. When you see the whole speech you will understand how the President plans to nail that BACKWARDS mission statement to backs of Republicans.

I had an animated discussion with a fellow swimmer and gym rat that I had not seen for a while in the men's locker room at my club. He actually told me he wants to go back to 1776. I wondered what I would say to him the next time we meet. Now I know!

See the full video's
Ohio Video
Virginia Video

What you should understand about these massive crowds is that both were assembled on the same day.May 5th 2012 our President gave both speeches on the same day. There is no Republicans who can assemble this size crowd once in one day, let alone twice in one day. The ninja proff is on the move.

Every American knows the Democrats and Republicans have opposite missions. Now we have two words that make these opposite missions crystal clear. FORWARD AND BACKWARD.

My mission between now and the 2012 Election is to make sure that everyone I meet hears these two words and understands what they mean.

P.S. The Face of Failure: Only 500 People Show Up To See Mitt Romney In Ohio

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