Monday, May 07, 2012

Culturally Poisoned George Zimmerman's Hatred of Mexicans Uncovered

The young Turks report that Mr. Zimmerman in addition to the hate crime against Trayvon Martin and his violent past, has also been caught demonstrating Cultural Poisoning against Mexicans (Video).

Is this a Latino American that hates other Latino Americans?
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Cultural Terrorist ("Haters") typically do not just hate AA's or Jewish Americans, their psychotic thinking process can extend to LA's too. In the AA community the Republican Judge Thomas of the Thomas Court (SCOUTS) is such an example. It is unfortunate to see Cultural Treason in any ethnic group. 

Let the 2005 Myspace record psychological dysfunction be entered into the public record of Mr. Zimmerman's decent from his human spirit into his animal spirit. What we need is for the psychological community to step up to the plate and provide society with tests to detect such dangerous social misfits and take appropriate steps to protect the public and treat the ill person.

George Zimmerman Disparages Mexicans On MySpace Page - YouTube:

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