Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The First Diabetes Meter to Plug into the Iphone.

This new app could really make a difference in the long term quality of life for many Iphone customers with diabetes, especially children. (Video)

Sanofi has announced that its iBGStar, the first approved blood glucose meter to interface with the iPhone, is now available in the U.S. 

This can be a god send especially, if you have children or grandchildren with diabetes, type I diabetes is especially hard on young children. instead of telling the doctor what you remember since the last time you saw him/her you can give them all the medical facts in detail. You can track management progress with indispensable graphs and statistics. You can even send your doctor or one of the new health care teams created by the Affordable Care Act an Email with your details.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

This is one more example of why you want to get yourself and your children the gold standard in IPC (interpersonal computers) The Iphone is not just a phone, it is valuable mobile information tool and where all the best developers and manufactures launch their best apps first.

Recently it has been reported in the media  that phone company's like AT&T and Verizon have sales persons that have been baiting and switching customers to Iphone knockoffs, like a droid or the Windows's phone. The Customer typically will ask for an Iphone and the sales person will say something like I have this phone that is "just as good or better". or they will say this is cheaper. They will then use the old sales gift of gab to switch the computer illiterate customer into the phone that makes them a Bigger commission or more revenue for their company. I use to sell cell phones, so I know how that works and what your manage can and will tell you to do as a salesmen, if you wants to keep his job.

The reality is these kludged Simi-smart phones are not "just as good" as the gold standard as evidence by the fact that they don't run this diabetes app. Just the fact that the Sales person makes a comparison to the Ipone should tell a customer something. They will run diabetes apps someday, just like they will someday run most of the apps that the Iphone/Ipad runs, maybe. However, That is not the case today and they may never have the complete ecosystem that the Iphone has thanks to the genius of the great Mr. Jobs.

The relevant facts are, you can get this app for FREE, your insurance will probably pay for the glucose meter. and a company like AT&T will give you a free Ipone with your two year contract. If the $15 data charge is out of your budget talk to a family member maybe they will chip in with you, especially to benefit a child.

Health is wealth, so we invest in eating healthy food and going to the gym, we should also invest in the best information tools we can possibly afford for ourselves and our kin. Aside from all the other information benefits of the Iphone/Ipad, what is a human's health worth?

Knowledge is power

iBGStar Glucometer for iPhone Now Available in U.S.:

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I have family and friends with diabetes, I will be sure they see this, how about you?

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