Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is in a Name - baRAck oBAma

Hetep and Respect Good Spirit, all names coming out of the African World view have meaning. So the question occurred to me, What does Obama's name mean?

In one of the Obama groups I learned that Oba means The King, interesting. I wonder what language that is in.

I have taken a look at Barack Obama's name from a Classical African Civilization, Kemet (ancient Egypt) point of view. The language is known as Metu Neter (transliterated as Hieroglyphics in English). When we look at his name for Kametic hints two remarkable kemetic elements in his name pop out. In the title I have highlighted them in CamelCaps.

In the Kemetic tradition there are two "souls". Ausarian Cosmologics includes the Ba and the Ka. The Ka is the electromagnetic duplicate of the body and the BA is what in the Christian tradition comes down to us as the Soul. Ra is the name of the sun neter (force in nature) the life force in the universe (one verse). In the Asian cosmological tradition Ra is the Chi (life forc) as in Chi Gong (QI Gong). Chi Gong is an Asian exercise system for maximizing health.

This is how I interpret Obama's name as related to my self interest. He is the leader (king), that will change the soul (BA) of America, so that it will join with the spirit of the other civilized nations in the world, to provide health care (RA) for all it citizens.

Now, I would not presume to tell anyone what message Obama's name has for them. In the Obama TeamAmerica mode it is up to you to go into your spirit and figure it out from your point of view.

We in America all stand in some relationship to Obama, we should do what we can to figure that relationship out, as a guide to how we can best be of assistance to him and the nation.

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