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Africa is Burning

I had a discussion with Olando a friend on Newsvine. I have reproduced my comments here using the Title of his article Africa Burning which caused me and should cause all of use to think more
Critically about what is happening on the continent and what we can do about it.

Hetep and Respect The Observer, Africa Burning, this is an important observation. I have clipped it to my column. In addition to your list I would add The Bush/McaCain Africom Attack on Africa.

Rwandan War

Sudan War

Darfur War

Ethiopia attacks Somalia

It should be noted that in all such wars Western governments allow and sometimes promote the sale of weapons to both sides. This fanning of the flames keeps Africa burning, so the West (Anti-Humanist Gov'ts) can keep control and keep stealing the natural resources of the richest continent on the face of the earth.

At times is seems as if all the continent of Africa is warring.

This is true. We must keep in mind the Cultural War c. 1675 B.C.E. - to Present. While this war is in Cold War status in most of the world, it is still hot on some parts of the continent. There are also the after effects of the Cultural War, some of which you are reporting on in this article.

In high school we studied the Holocaust and the senseless insufferable genocide of by most counts, 5 to 6 million Jewish people. The shameful truth is that humanity continues to allow this level of remorseless violence to spread across the African continent.

This is part of the problem, no one studies the African Holocaust. Most humanists did not learn about World War Zero (WW0) c.1492 - 1947 and the 100 million innocent African men, women and children lost. This is not typically learned in high school or university. Without this aspect of Cultural Literacy, effective analysis of current continental conditions is problematic.

Rwanda, It is estimated that 400,000 people died before President Clinton and the rest of the western world noticed ... British sources put the total murdered at 4.7 million people.

This demonstrates that Anti-humanist Governments are not interested in all Human beings. We Africans and Humanist of good will must take this responsibility if it is to be taken at all.

On our watch, entire ethnic races of people

Cultural Literacy Minute: There is one race the human race and many ethnic groups.

Why is the West so slow to help stop the killing in Africa?

I would direct your attention to Bush's AFRICOM, (See Blog Archive Nov 5 2007 on the right side of page)

As the British Empire, the French, the Dutch, and others were driven out of Africa, they left a void that in many cases was filled by warlords and marauding armies.

They left not just a void, WW0 left Cultural Poisoning and artificial geographical national boundaries. We see the effects of artificial ethnic boundaries that are at the hart of the Rwandan War. We must take personal responsibility to correct this and Restore Cultural Literacy, otherwise Africans at home and abroad will be like the dog that chases its tail.

It is important to note, that a culturally unhealthy continent without sanctions for Cultural Treason will continue to Burn.

My Recommendation
The Africa 2.0 Project, that is those interested in seeing a self-sufficient United States of Africa, turn to China and the Asians in addition to Western humanists to achieve the goals of increased Cultural Literacy and reduced Cultural poisoning. We must brining African Leaders who have committed Cultural Treason to African (USA2) justice. This is what will reduce violence and move Africans toward controlling and utilizing our continent's natural resources to restore the motherland's well being.

In the near term the Africa/Asia connection is a mission critical relationship. A new bread of Humanist might put Obama at the head of the visionary task of Constructing The United States of America 2.0, but the continent can not count on this. Even if an Obama visionary Presidency happens, it will take some considerable time to turn the American ship of state onto a more humanist heading.

Unfortunately America is burning in its own way and we will be using most of our water to put out fires here at home or we will be throwing gasoline on the fires everywhere depending on who gets elected.

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