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Winter Soldier: US Vets Voices Blacked Out by MSM (Poll)

US veterans gathered in Maryland this past weekend to testify at Winter Soldier, an eyewitness indictment of atrocities committed by US troops during the ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers spoke of free-fire zones, the shootings and beatings of innocent civilians, racism at the highest levels of the military, sexual harassment and assault within the military, and the torturing of prisoners. While the corporate media ignored the story, we broadcast their voices. Democracy Now was one of the few American media to cover this story.

The term Winter Solder comes from the following quote:
Winter 1776 - These are the times that try mans souls, the Summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crises shrink from the service of his country, but he who stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

In November your country needs you to make an informed vote. Bush told us he listened to the Generals. Even if he did, that was at best poor judgment. The person to listen to is G.I. Joe. I hope you will take a minute to listen to your neighbor Joe in these clips and act accordingly.

Below are three clips. Talk with a Vietnam vet to 50 years after the war. The second clip is Winter Soldier I in 1971 the third is a brave soldier from Iraq testifying now in Winter Soldier II (2008) and giving his recommendations for the war.

This Clip is of a Vet from the Vietnam era when I was in the service (Pic. on the right-Aunk bottom left). A soldier who still suffers from PTSD all these years later. Testimony and pictures of what was done in country. Iraq has produced problems we did not have during Nam, woman soldiers and big VA Hospital problems.

How is our Vietnam Vet today?

It is important to note that Bush/McCain knows this happened in Vietnam and is happening in Iraq and he is in favor of continuing it.

Winter Soldier 1971 Clip Vietnam then

John as late as 2002 has used the Asian "N" word, gook and said he would never stop using it.

Now hear from the soldiers of the Bush/McCain Iraq War

Camilo Mejia, former staff sergeant who served six months in
Iraq in 2003 with the Florida National Guard. After a brief leave, he
refused to return. He was court-martialed and served nearly a year in
prison. He is now the chair of the board of Iraq Veterans Against the


Did you hear this soldier's recommendation for the war at the end of the clip? If not, go back an play the end. His recommendation hits the bottom line for this whole article.

The Stop Military Rape Web site

The Bush/McCain War - How would you vote

The Bush/McCain War is 2nd on my list of top three issues. 1. is Health Care 2. is the Economy

Hillary Clinton: I would not vote for her. I believe anyone who
voted for the war should be removed from office, or otherwise made an
example of, so that their disgraceful judgment can never misrepresent
the American people again. This included democrats and should start
with Hillary.

This leaves Bush/McCain and Obama's Change this is how I see the choices.

Bush/McCain: Stay the course - up to 100 years.

Obama: End the war on day one - Troops out in 16 months.

If I were President I would do what was done in the criminal Vietnam war.
End occupation immediately, bring Americans out in 30 days flat. Any
thing we can not carry leave. Pay Iraq reparations for The American
Government's illegal acts against its people.

Before you saw these video clips you may not have really known about the war. God knows Bush/McCain and the forty thieves have controlled What you see, from making it illegal to photograph the coffins of our fallen soldiers, to Blacking out their voices in Winter Soldier. Your fellow Americans and the world forgives you if you voted for the Bush/McCain criminals in the past. The question is how will you vote now and why?

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