Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Race and Unity Speech

The White and Black anger excerpt from the speech ( 5.44 min)

Obama's much anticipated "race" speech was more about unity then the old politics of "race". He also challenged us Americans by asking us, do we want to have the old discussion or the new one?

Today Obama gave a speech in the home of the constitution Philadelphia, PA. He talked about the constitution's promise and practice and the gap. He talked about Black anger and White anger and how often this is a distraction from the business at hand. He made surprisingly Culturally Healthy statements regarding legitimate discussions of "race" and shined light on those in the media that would mislabel such discussions "political correctness" and "reverse racism". He reminded Americans to be mindful of those who would try to move us off course toward a more perfect union.

So as I listened to him talk about my older Rev. Wright generation and his generation and the new generation that he is attracting to politics, it dawned on me, that his speech was more about unity than "race". He ended with a TeamAmerica challenge, .do you (voters) want to have the old discussion on "race" or would you rather have the new discussion on American issues like War, the economy and health care.

I was pleased to see this remarkable individual be wise enough to turn the negative attacks into a National Cultural Health Learning opportunity. .

This article's Newsvine poll asks you to answer the question, was Obama's speech successful? The answer depends on what you want to talk about going forward.

Update - Speech Transcript

Update: If you messed the full speech Click Here

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