Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McCain - bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

Little Asian Girl Napalmed By Americans in Vietnam.

Look at who is in this room with McCain. Which America does he stand for?

Grand Pa McCain does not belong in the White House, He belongs in the Mad House.

This is the person who called Asians "gooks" and was part of American anti-humanists who napalmed Asian children in Vietnam, and still proud of it. He takes credit for helping to lead the government that murdered and maimed 3 million plus Arabs in Iraq. Now he wants to bomb human beings in Iran.

Vote Smart in November, stop the madness.

1 comment:

Shelia said...

You act like that matters, lol.

I am never surprised, even in 2008 that a white man can continue racist behavior and be celebrated by other white men.

The degree of racism that continues to simmer just below the boiling point in America is an instance of danger just waiting to happen.

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