Sunday, March 30, 2008

Latinos, Generals and Admirals Join Obama's TeamAmerica

In three short video clips, see the two most important political events of the week for TeamAmerica

Obama and Richardson in Portland, Oregon (2:14 Min)

I saw the Bill Richardson endorsement of Obama on the corporate media but I got no sense of the size of crowed that they were speaking to. Take a minute and look at this citizens video from the stands. You will see why the MSM who will not let us see our fallen soldiers come home did not give us the full picture of the crowd. You can't script this, you can't plan this. This is the American people standing up for a new day in America.

Now lets go to the narrow shot of the former Latino Presidential candidate's endorsement of Obama.

Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama
(14:51 Min)

There are two reasons that Bill's endorsement of Obama is important. The obvious fact that it is a signal to the Latino community that it is ok and beneficial to join with Obama. This respected Latino leader was also the candidate with the most foreign policy experience. The second and very important reason, is the foreign policy seal of approval that Richardson's endorsement brings.

Take the time to listen to the full speech you will learn something about Obama's character in Bill's debate story that you and I did not know. Listen to how Multi-ethnic Americans recognize a common bond. Yes, sit back an listen to a well thought out description and assessment of Obama from the hart. This was not an easy think for bill to do given his friendship to the Clinton's. If you listen with a patriotic hart you will hear why he did it.

Now for the last, and to me as a veteran possibly Obama's most important endorsements, the Military endorsements.

Why retired Generals and Admirals support Barack Obama (2:13)

Air force, Army, Navy, National guard, giving experience based hard nosed assessments and endorsements of Obama's readiness to be America's next Commander in Chief. I know after you watched these soldiers, you are asking yourself why did I not see this important event that bears directly on the Iraq war in and endless loop on TV and YouTube?

I hope you enjoyed the piece. We need to be ready for November, so if you are from the great state of Pennsylvania don't keep this to yourself, tell a fellow Pennsylvanian were to get the weeks most important issue related election clips. In three short clips they will be as informed as you are.

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