Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cultural Illiteracy About Your "Neighbors" Can Get You Killed.

Who do you live next to and what will happen in an emergency? It is important to your cultural and physical health to know the answer to this question. Just because you live next to "Christians" does not mean you are safe.

Katrina's Hidden Race War

In this holiday season many of us have forgotten about Katrina. The holy days (holidays) should be a time of joy, justice, meditation and reflection.

This is a good example of Cultural Poisoning in action. It points to the fact that Cultural Illiteracy about your enemy in the Cultural War can get you killed. It is not an academic discussion. It should be noted, that Obama's election did cure these individuals of Cultural Poisoning.

We the people have work to do if change is to become a reality. This should not leave our minds during the Holy Days.

In case you think that cultural war does not exist in America, or that such a cold war could not again get hot, just think of what Bush caused in Iraq because of his and America's Cultural Illiteracy. Baghdad one of the oldest living cities in the world is now ethnically cleansed. If you lived in Iraq would you know what neighborhoods you can go into and the ones you can not go into.

This Cultural Reality exists in America. The Question is do you want to correct injustice. I signed the petition that calls for an investigation. I recommend that you go to Color of and take an ACTION

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