Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Great Debate - is Obama Good For Black America?

This Sunday, December 14th at 3pm, The Great Harlem Debate will take place in my home town, New York City's Africa Town. Prominent community Scholars, activists, organizers and politicians will square off. I thought all African Americans were pro Obama. Well maybe not, I will be going to see and report back to you.

What is most important about this debate is that it will not consists of the usual "mainstream" media suspects. On the pro side Jessy Jackson will not be there and on the con side neither will self avowed Cultural Traitors like Shelby Steele. In fact, this is one of the few such debates were Cultural Soldiers like Dr. Jefferies will be participating.

The question Before them: The Obama Election, Was it Good For Black People?

On the YES side we have:

My neighbor the honorable Dr Leanord Jefferies, Elder and Cultural Soldier, Dr Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party, City Councilman Charles Barron and Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement

The NO side we have:

Dr Marian Ani, Brother Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report, Dr Donald Smith and Dr James Turner

For the record I am on the yes side. However, I look forward to this down home knock down drag out debate to see what my fellow brothers and sisters in good standing think about Obama's Election and what it means to the Black community.

I am a simple man and fixing the economy is not just good for African Americans, who are already in a depression, but it obviously is good for all Americans. My regular readers know my Top Three Issues from the Election.

For my two cents, if Obama delivers the same health care plan that he had as a congress person to all Americans, he will have done more for the African American community regarding "Health" Care then I think I will see in my life time.

I know what I want from Obama? The question for me is, do the "No's" see anything that will prevent me and my community from getting what we need? God willing, I will be at the Great debate this afternoon, right after my Sun's Day swim. I will report back to you here however, in the mean time, here is a hard question for you. What points do you think the "No's" will raise?

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angelinjones said...
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Aunk said...

Update 3:00Am

God was willing and I made the debate. It was good to be back in the village of my birth. The first thing I noticed was that the street venders were out in front which means the drums are working. The next thing I noticed was that the New Black Panthers were holding down security in force. It is good to see young people once again interested in defending the elders and their community.

The Church was packed and the media was in the house lights and camera’s everywhere. The Church holds a thousand people up and down and it was full. The meeting was mostly orderly and respectful and both sides made clear points. I learned a lot but most important to me, I did not hear anything that would prevent my Top Three Issues from being implemented. At least one speaker advocated universal “health” Care and the crowd was with her. I heard no one speak against Universal Sick Care (USC).

It is late, so I will provide you with more details as I respond to your comments later in the day, time permitting. I was disappointed that I did not see a ten point plan come out of the debate. However, as I think of it that would not be practical, after all it was a debate, not a planning session. The take home message for me was, OK Obama is in, great, now it is, as it always has been, up to us to turn this turn of events into concrete benefits for our communities. My focus is USC what is yours?

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