Friday, December 05, 2008

Nationalize Auto's - Put Ralph Nader in Charge

Nationalize the dead parts of the Auto Industry and place Naderat the head of the people's new green auto industry. Let's get the Ev-1 and the air car on line, but not just cars, let's really change, by turning green auto into green backbone manufacturing of wind and solar too.

The three CEO's must have read my comments and got out of the gas guzzling planes and drove to the people's congress in "green" cars. However, as one of my friends Curtis said, it's too late they have already tipped their business as usual hands. These failed leaders are incompetent and must be removed.

If Ford is functional it may not need to be nationalized. However, The greedy pigs at GM, who Michael Moore pointed out in his first film Rodger and Me, destroyed his home town of Flint Michigan by closing the American Auto factories and reopening the same factories out of America, driving American labor into the ditch, must be stopped. Michael Moore was right, Roger Smith the CEO of GM destroyed the American auto industry and GM. Chrysler has been bailed out before, failed again and has been handed around like an unwanted step child. Solution, If I (the people) have to pay for the now little two, like a bank I own these companies and just as in world War Two, they will work in the national interest during this emergency.

Nader as Green Auto-Czar should fire the failed Board of directors and executive management and put new blood in the green driver's seat. Michal Moore should head the labor and Health care side of Green Auto. Moore should be in charge of updating and expanding the unions and getting Universal Sick Care in to reduce Green Auto costs.

Here are my revised Recommendations. Click here for my previous article on this subject.

My recommendation: we should nationalize the failed auto makers for 10 years pressing them into national service. We should invest the 25 billion or whatever is needed to activate the following action plan.

The Aunk Four Point Auto Plan

1. Senior management and the Board of Directors replaced by competent leadership

2. The new Green Auto Industry, like in World War II making jeeps and tanks, will only make The -Green Three- Hybrids, Electric cars and cars that run on Air.

3. The companies must become transparent (Finance and process must be put on the Internet in real time so I can see and interact with my investment).

4. Green Auto will be returned to the Private sector when the mission is accomplished or when the loans are repaid whichever comes first.


Our Country is in a state of emergency (Depression since December of 2007 and 533, 000 lost jobs in November) not unlike the 1929 depression and WWII. We need to take similar dramatic action to change the direction of the ship of state. We need all hands on deck especially private industry. Let's roll up our sleeves get patriotic and get this carbon free job done. Welcome to Capitalism 2.o

What do you want to do now that the CEO's have come back to you to ask for more money?

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