Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Does Hip Hop Have to Say During the Holidays

Are the youth on point, are they reflecting, meditating and looking to the future? The Great Harlem Debate just took place and Hip Hop responds. The Youth must be heard.

Words From Afrika Bambaataa ("N" Word Alert)

Did you hear what the Continental Africans said to the African American Oprah Winfrey when she was on the continent?. That was and example of how Cultural Poisoning can be spread by us to the continent.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Words are both the symptoms of Cultural Poisoning and the means of transmitting the dis-ease.

Music is no exception to this Cultural Health golden rule. In fact, music in the context of Hip Hop can be a super transmitter of Cultural Health or Cultural Poisoning as Afrika Bambaataa has pointed out in different words. Afrika was not at the Great Harlem Debate but he makes a good point, Hip hop has work to do with or without Obama's election. What is true of Hip Hop is true of the African American community in general.

In some ways the Hip Hop community has less Cultural Poisoning then the Adult community. You will notice my traditional "N" Word Alert above the video however, this does not mean that we should not listen to the Hip Hop community, As you can see, they have much to contribute to the National and World's Cultural Health. In the Cultural War, we must each do what we can do.


To see my Newsvine/MSNBC Op-Ed on the Great Harlem Debate Click Here
The Great Harlem Debate is a take off on the Great Debaters, if you did not see the movie, get the video.

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