Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The African Presence in Ancient America

When I went to school and learned "American" history I was told that it was a story about cowboys and "Indians", Pilgrims and "Settlers", no body mentioned Black people (Video)

This article is designed to promote improved Cultural literacy by highlighting two of the greatest modern experts on Ancient American history. One is an African American and the other a European American that make interesting cultural health book ends for this subject matter. Naturally, the indigenous people of Turtle Island who sit in the middle of these two book ends are the source of the new information that is producing the remarkable rewriting of Ancient American History.

On the left is an African in Ancient America. On the Right is an African in Africa. Dr. Van Sertima has many pictures in his book They Came Before Columbus, African Presence in Ancient America. I wrote about our honorable ancestor in this blog in may on the occasion of his passing.

You will note in the video, that is part of the above link, a mention of the Top of the head. You find traditional African hair on some of the Mega African heads. The helmet on the African in the video was claimed to be a foot ball helmet by some Western "archeologist", but was later found to be common African sailing helmets. Last you are taken to a studio filled with African remain found here in the America's. Dr. V's case rests on solid evidence.

The other book end to the controversy raised in America by Dr. V's book is Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard. His book American B.C. is another eye opener that lets us peep in a most remarkable window on Ancient American history. Most memorable to me is Dr. Fell's Ancient American map P4, showing the places in north American where Metu Neter (Greek name hieroglyphics) from Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) have been found. Also see page 253-257. He also has a chapter on what I call the African Kings and Queens of New England.

For an introduction to Dr. Fell's work Let's go to the Video tape.

This is a great scholar and he and his society will bear watching by all those interesting in Ancient American history in general and by the Black world community in particular.

This information is presented with the understanding that there is much controversy among Western schools of thought on the matter. The Cultural Terrorists are hard at work trying to maintain the myth that Africans never left the continent of Africa. Cultural poisoning that the Western "experts" use to perpetuate this myth, like the enslavement of Africans on this continent will fall of its own weight.

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