Sunday, November 01, 2009

African American Wins NYC Marathon

AA Meb Keflezighi wins the big race in my home town. The New York City Marathon is the most famous of the big five World marathon majors, which are Boston, New York City, Chicago, London, and Berlin.

I always remember watching the race. The race is at the halfway point when it enters my borough Queens and they pass my home on the Queens borough bridge as the go into Manhattan. The race is limited to 37,000 runners who are cheered on by more then 2 million of my neighbors who line the streets and another 315 million who watch on TV.

In case you never saw the New York Marathon here is a overview of what it is like. It is a fun day for all.

When I was younger I loved riding my bike and would run as part of playing sports football, baseball and fencing. "AA fencing?", yeah yeah I know give me a break, we fence too. When I was older and started playing tennis I would run 2 miles or so when I felt like it to stay in shape.
However, it wasn't until my second life (I passed 60 a wile back) when I got my Ipod and talking sneakers that I got serious about running. I used the Nike+/Ipod fee personal trainer to get me in shape for my first 10k in 2008.

I ran the Nike + 10k for the second time this year. The bad news is, I did not set a new land speed record, the good news is, I wasn't last either. My country rank is 8,358th. My world rank is 19,396. I would not have been happy if I was #86,332 (Last place). I was beat at the end of my 10k, I don't 'see how these good folks run 26 miles. Props to all the NYC runners.

P.S. Now that they have a virtual ING NYC Marathon you and I might try it yet.

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