Saturday, November 14, 2009

Republican Micheal Steele says he is a cow?

No, I didn't make it up, Steele describes himself as leader of his party as a cow. What does one call the leader of a herd of cows. What is a Health Care Cow? (Video)

See, I did not make this up. How does a cow get onto rail road tracks? He does not get their because of a plan or trying to solve a problem for the herd. He wonders onto the tracks aimlessly. In fact, when he sees the train coming he has no idea what he is looking at.

It is interesting to note, that a Cultural Traitor in a multi-ethnic society is not only a danger to his/her own community but a danger to all communities who hold humanism in high regard.

Steel said, White Republicans Are Scared Of Me, I say, Black People are scared of you, and your party should be too.

Now this is not Micheal Steele on the tracks. However, you will understand the resemblance when you see the video.

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