Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pelosi Passes Health Care Reform 220-215 (Video)

Tonight was a historic night for the Democrats and the American people. Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as one of the greatest Speakers of the House.

I watched this most remarkable process. I get CNN who had odd spotty coverage. But I was luckily able to get MSNBC on the net and they had a live video stream (uninterrupted) on the floor of the house which was the way to see this historic vote.

Let me first thank my senators and congressman and the Democratic congress in general for the moral courage to do what they were elected to do. And let me thank all the people who made those calls and sent those Emails and protested at the insurance companies. Let me thank Michael Moore’s SickO for helping us compare “Health” Care in civilized nations vs. the Sick Care for profit we have here in America. The Movie John Q was also helpful in showing the dirty tricks departments of hospitals, employers and insurance companies against the working American.

Let me thank Dr. Linda Peeno for her testimony before congress regarding being hired to cause the death of insurance company customers. Thank you to all the Americans who came forward to talk about their personal stories and the impact they want reform to have on the lives of their fellow citizens. Olbermann’s show where he talks about his parents and friends health challenges, and health reform as a right to life, is a good example of the people coming forward and telling their own stories.

I was not happy when Pelosi refused to bring Bush and the forty thieves to trial. I was not happy when she took Single Payer off the table. But if this is what it took to win this close vote then all is forgiven.

Thanks to the one Republican, Ahn “Joseph” Cao of Louisiana, with the courage to vote for human rights over profit rights. This was not just a physical health victory for America, it was another national Cultural Health victory that keeps our ship of state on a proper heading toward the moral high ground of that distant port.

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