Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ted Kennedy Watches over Senate as Health Care Bill Leaps forward.

Saturday was a proud day for the American Senate, as they pass a resolution to 60/39, bringing the Great Kennedy Health Care Debate to the floor.

I think the great American ancestors, including the whole Kennedy Clan, is watching over our historic President, our congress, and especially smiling on the Senate. As we approach Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day (The Friday after Thanksgiving), We in America have much to be thankful for and Health Care is at the top of the list.

All praise to the great Senator Harry Reid for leading the Democrat HCR to the floor for debate. In some ways his job has been harder then the house leadership. I am proud of both. In fact, it seems that the Senate astonishingly, came up with a Bill equal to or better then the house bill. The bill saves lives, money and medicare. I went to his web site, followed him on twitter and sent him this tweet.

@SenatorReid Tnx for getting HCR to the Senate floor. You are about to go down as one of the all time great Senators.

I emailed (Iphone) a thank you to both my senators, as I watched them stand in the well and vote for my health. I luckily have the VA Health Care and I am about to get Medicare, so I am OK for now. But this will help 31 million of my fellow Americans not so fortunate. It will protect my children and grand children from the MediPlex Insurance company's dirty tricks departments. And it will start to clean up and protect my future Medicare.

Yes, this first vote was cast strictly on party lines however, I think the Senators will be freed up to vote their conscious on the final bill. Yes, their will be a tough fight but I think the final Senate vote on Kennedy Health Care Reform will be more bipartisan then most of the pundits expect. Kennedy had many life long Republican friends that will not let him down in this hour of reaching his life long pursuit.

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