Friday, December 04, 2009

What is Organic Food? - What is Whole Food Market

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My physical health is important to me. So what I put in my mouth is important to me. To my shock, a member of my family demonstrated that the term organic and what it means to ones health is still new to many people. So I put this quick physical health reference.

Cultural Literacy and Physical Literacy (Food Literacy in this case) go hand in hand.

Organic is still confusing to most people. The way you "know" that a food you buy is organic is by the Green and White symbol that leads this article. Right now, the USDA symbol means, IMHO, that the producer is at least trying to appear healthier then their competition. If I have a choice between an Organic apple and a Frankenstein (GMO) Nerve gas (pesticide) apple, I choose organic. Organic apples can be 400% heather then a chemical apple.

I now shop at a store called Whole Food Market they are a National chain supermarket like Shop Wrong (Rite). They differ from the shop wrongs of the world in one important way, most of their food is organic. Most of the food in a shop wrong supermarket is chemical food. I did not even know this Grocery Store War was going on. See Video below

Join the war, vote organic when you are in a store

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narutoevil said...

Organic foods are made in a way that limits the use of synthetic materials during production, meaning it is safe to use. That's why im using this since then, but I just have an organic food delivered to my house because its so tiring to go shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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