Friday, March 05, 2010

Growing Body Parts - What Does it Mean to You

I go to a Veterans Hospital (VA) but I did not know that they can, and have been growing some body parts, until I saw this video. Did you know that cells can be taken from your finger and caused to grow you another finger? (Video)

Some have claimed that the President's Health Insurance Reform is socialism. Well, that is not true. Naturally, the political implication is that socialized medicine is bad, or backward. However, the VA is socialized medicine. Lets go to the video tape, and you tell me if it seems backward.

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The implications from the video are obvious, it looks pretty advanced to me. However, what are the implications that are not so obvious Dr. Jewel Pookrum has some thoughts on the matter. How much control do we have, and should we have, over our body parts when we are alive, and when the body has stopped functioning?

Would, or has, your doctor or hospital experimented on you? How can you prevent unauthorized experimentation? Thanks Dr. Pookrum for your insight into these matters. Dr. Pookrum mentioned Gattaca a movie about a future were DNA modification is the norm. If you enjoyed and learned from Avatar's view of the future you should put GATTACA on your list.

I saw GATTCA and it is interesting science and social food for thought especially, the ethnic implications.

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