Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tap Your Skin to Dial Your Phone (Video)

This is freaky future stuff, where you're the interface. That's where electronics are heading, apparently. Researchers have developed a way for people to use their own skin as a keypad or pull down menu to control MP3 devices, make phone calls or play games.

It's called Skinput, and here's how it works: The user wears an armband, which contains a very small projector that projects a menu or keypad onto a person's hand or forearm. The armband also contains an acoustic sensor. Why? Because when you tap different parts of your body, it makes unique sounds based on the area's bone density, soft tissue, joints and other factors.


I thought of a lot of things to do with a pico projector, I have one for my I phone. Heads up displays of all types is an obvious one like on your eye glasses. But Skinput now that is revolutionary.

Full story and pics
Tap Your Skin to Dial Your Phone
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