Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Party is the new Ku Klux Klan

The Tea Party may seem like a new movement until you look under the covers. In fact, the passage of Health Insurance Reform has caused them to take their covers off. If you think these people are not dangerous think again. (Video)

Since this peace was first done Glenn Beck lead a march on Washington of the Teabagers , did you notice Palin and the ethnic make up of the crowd. Did you notice the code words. He quoted the bible to tell his followers to go home and pick up sticks. The Beck Restore "Honor" March and the new Teabag house of Representatives, reinforce the original message about the danger of the (R)egressives to the progress of the progressives.

If you thought there was dis-ease rising among Cultural anti-humanists (Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for some.) when Obama was just running for President. What do you think is happening in these groups now. The Republican Vice Presidential candidate Palin, is an unapologetic pro-Tea Party leader. She just put out a Gun Map, with gun cross hair targets on democratic locations. Think about the code used in the Palin mob, the old south and today. While we are happy about America's progress, this is not a time to sleep on the realities of Cultural Poisoning in America.

In case you missed the big picture this is not just about African Americans, or an African American President. It is about Arab Americans, Latino Americans, Jewish Americans and anyone else The Tea Party types and their leaders like Palin consider foreign. David Duke a Neo-grand wizard of the KKK (Notice Sheet is off, Suit is on) will now present the Tea Party Big Picture, in case it is still not clear to you.

Did you hear what the grand wizards said about Latino "invaders". Immigration reform is probably the next reform on the table. Do you think a national debate about Immigration Reform will improve the sanity of these Cultural Terrorists?

We are moving the Nation's physical health forward. The question is, what will we do about the Nation's Cultural Health.

UPDATE: 2013 just in case you think things have improved, see this newsvine story and video

Arkansas Republican State Senator Jason Rapert Holds Klan Rally in an Open Forum
State Senator Jason Rapert's words demonstrate he suffers from Cultural Poisoning. His dis-ease puts him on the Cultural Terrorist watch list.


Aunk said...

If parents suffer from a Cultural Poisoning that leads then to public anti-social behavior, what does that teach America's children?

Flash Mobs of children are growing.

sanjay said...

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Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect MCSPOCKY, some have said that the President is half White they are in error. However, your picture of Beck as half KKK is on point.

The confederate party that drinks tea, is a grave and present danger in the United States. This is the video you should run as your lead video, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your links are most important. I think I will do an update on my story linking to this.

Link to original story:

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