Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Obama Our First Black President or the First President of Black America?

Years ago before I reached adulthood, I watched a scene on one of my favorite television shows, Law & Order, in which a Black attorney says the following to his white former supervisor: “You once asked me if I was 'a Black lawyer, or a lawyer who's Black.' I used to think I was the latter. Now I know I’m the former.”

I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of that scene as an adolescent, but as an adult I certainly do. I was reminded of this scene recently when it was revealed that the Congressional Black Caucus is on the verge of declaring ideological war on the White House, to convey their displeasure at what they view as the president’s snubbing of the caucus, specifically its legislative wish list in his first year in office.

Aunk's Cultural commentary.

The Congressional Black Caucus and others who are wasting time raising non-productive questions in a time of change need to get a grip. President Obama with the passage of Health Insurance reform has done more for the African American community by default then any African American politician in my life time.

Everyone in the African American community has a role in improving our Cultural Health and effectiveness here in American and around the world. The President has his role, the Caucus has its role, Al Sharpton has his role and you and I have our individual roles. All these efforts should be synergistic.

When the United States goes to war, the Army does not start attacking the Navy, nor should we. Everyone understands such a poorly thought out action by the Army would lead to a predicable negative outcome.

Black people in America should be focused on three things IMHO

The Aunk AA Three Point Plan

1. Joining the Green Economy to expand job opportunity
2. Improve Education at home and in public schools
3. Moving America from Sick Care to Health Care, starting with reducing child obesity.

My question to the caucus is, where is your three point plan for our community and how does it compare to the Aunk Plan?

For the full story go here.
Is Obama our first Black president or the first president of Black America?

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