Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Veterans Day, My Dad, Health Care and Me

Veterans day came this week and it reminded me of my dad and my time in the service. We both needed health care while serving and we got the best the Army had to offer. Shouldn't all citizens have access to quality health care?

My Dad on the left WWII and Aunk Vietnam

Did you know that most veterans don't get Veterans Administration health care unless they have a service related illness/injury or meet means test requirements? This means many "middle class" Vets don't have VA or any other health care. 25% of the nation's homeless are veterans. 2,226 Uninsured Vets Died in 2008Somehow these realities don't seem to me like we are remembering our veterans like we should. 
Health Care Reform (HCR) is now law, did you notice that there are no provisions in this law for "no cost health care" for all veterans? It strikes me today, that on these days of remembrance, we can and should do more for our vets and their families. I propose that we make the next HCR adjustment the addition of "No Cost, Veterans Administration Health Care benefits, including dental, for all veterans for all time. I would like to call it the Veterans No Cost HCR Amendment. 
This year America is at a cross roads that can profoundly effect our veterans for decades to come.In the Midterm Election (R)egressives have been elected to the house of Representatives. They have told the American People not only do they plan not to help our veterans but hurt veterans like me by revoking HCR and social security. My question to you is, how can we get the Regressives to be Progressive on the Veterans No Cost HCR Amendment? If we can not get the Regs to stand with our Vets, How do we get the job done anyway?
Veterans day and  Memoral day are both special to me. They are days to remember and honor our country's serving, served and fallen and our Culture's serving, served and fallen. On these days I especially remember my dad Marlin in World War II, and his fathers in World War Zero (WW0).

Every Holy Day (holiday)  is a Cultural Literacy opportunity. To learn more about World War Zero, hit the link and tell me what you think. Newsvine - Memorial Day - My Dad and My Culture

If you are one of the 2+ Billion Black people in the world you should know about WW0. All human beings should know about all the major wars, for it is our best defense against  having them happen again. If you are an African American in the military you have a duty to know about WW0, WWI and WWII, not just the last two.

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