Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Chinese Suffers Racism in China

African Americans have their counterpart in China. An African Chinese Girl, Lou Jing, suffering from Cultural Poisoning thinks she is Chinese and gets a Cultural Literacy Shock when she enters a Chines talent show on National TV (Video)

Just in case you thought that Cultural Poisoning was limited to Africans in America, think again. While the West invented the dis-ease the East apparently has caught some of it too. China is 90% homogeneous and so is South Africa. In the interest of Cultural Literacy how do South Africans feel about Chinese Africans?

If you hit the link you are now probabley saying to yourself, just when I thought I heard everything, "Chinese is the new Black", wow.  No, we are not done yet with your Chinese Cultural Literacy Lesson. Where do the Chinese come from, DNA has the scientific answer. Finally, let us take an archeological and linguistic look at the historicity of the Chinese ethnic group.

I think you will agree, while this has been a short Cultural Literacy Lesson, it is an eye opener for most individuals that have only been taught from the narrow perspective of only one of the three major worldviews. 

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